Why Is My Website Not Making Any Sales?

Is Your Website Homepage Turning Your Prospects Away? Your website homepage is like your virtual online shop window. If your business has a website you have the opportunity to get more customers on a global or local basis, get seen by more people and get found by people who actually need your services as well as adding that essential [...]

SEO in 2015

SEO (search engine optimisation) has become harder than ever to master in 2015 since Google hit with the Panda update in February. Because it's now harder to compete for top ranking with other established websites its undoubtably become more expensive too for quality SEO strategies. However you should view SEO as a longterm investment because [...]

Increase your Google Page Rank

What is your Google Page Rank? This is the scale of importance which Google has ranked you aside with other websites. It is calculated with a variety of factors in mind. Every website has the same goal- Be number 1 on Google. Thanks to a new algorithm released earlier this year you can no longer rank [...]

3 Things which will make your blog post better

Having a blog is hard work and earning those unique visitors, especially when you first start a blog can seem a mile stone impossible. However there are 3 things which will make your blog post better for the reader. In 2015 its all about SEO (search engine optimisation). Therefore optimising your blog posts to make you [...]