5 Ways to Build Meaningful Relationships Through Social Media

Social media is all about human connection. In social media, it is not the numbers but the relationship between you and your followers that counts. In your business, social media can showcase your value and worth. It is best to build meaningful relationships than simply getting a lot of likes and followers. Here are 5 ways [...]

4 Social Media Mistakes That Are Almost Criminal

Social media marketing is one of those extra 'things' you're told to have. Not everyone understands it and not everyone has adopted it yet. The ones who haven't adopted it yet are missing out on the faster growth rates which social media has to offer. Today your clients are spending more online and more time hanging out [...]

Why Is My Website Not Making Any Sales?

Is Your Website Homepage Turning Your Prospects Away? Your website homepage is like your virtual online shop window. If your business has a website you have the opportunity to get more customers on a global or local basis, get seen by more people and get found by people who actually need your services as well as adding that essential credibility [...]

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