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Case Studies

Why Is My Website Not Making Any Sales?

Is Your Website Homepage Turning Your Prospects Away? Your website homepage is like your virtual online shop window. If your business has a website you have the opportunity to get more customers on a global or local basis, get seen by more people and get found by people who actually need your services as well as adding that essential credibility [...]

6 Easy Ways To Attract New Patients To Your Dentistry Practice

In today’s competitive world, getting new patients can be hard and you may begin to feel discouraged. In order to attract new patients, you have to offer products and services that are competitive but also are of high quality value. Effective marketing is very important and deciding early on what kind of client you want to attract to your [...]

Social Listening: How To Create Feedback Loops Between Your Company And Your Fans

If your business is into social media, then failing in it can be your worst nightmare. When a customer complains about your business on social media, always make a way to respond to it. Social listening, as well as, Social Customer Service is very important. Here is where the feedback loop comes in. What is a [...]

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