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May 4, 2017

Learn How A Property Maintenance Business Increased Its Monthly Face-To-Face Appointments

Learn How A Property Maintenance Business Increased Its Monthly Face-To-Face Appointments By Using LinkedIn

A property maintenance company covering London, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey wanted to generate more face to face appointments for their business. They specifically wanted to target Facilities Managers in London. Together, we decided that LinkedIn was the best social media channel to focus on, due to trying to reach a hard to target job role.

The property maintenance company  didn’t participate in any online marketing activity and relied on word of mouth marketing which can be a slow, but a steady burner. They were keen to really boost their business and were open to the idea of trying new marketing strategies.

The Solution: Bibble Studio rewrote and optimised the director’s LinkedIn profile so that it would get found more easily and be clear who they were and how they could help facilities managers maintain the properties they looked after.

We also automated their LinkedIn profile so that it would view 1000’s of London-based Facilities Managers on autopilot every day. This meant that their profile views increased by 500%. All of their target audience were looking at their profile daily.

We also set it to connect with 100’s of Facilities managers a month. The final stage was to send an automated message which used the contact’s name and company details to ensure every message looked personal. After trailing different messaging variations we have found the one which resonated with his target audience and managed to repeatedly get an 80% response rate and regular monthly business appointments with a long list of future opportunities.

Because we were able to automate their profile in a sales efficient manner, it meant that they didn’t have to pay someone’s wage of having to manually do everything, keeping the cost per lead at a minimum.

If you’d like to find out more about our Automated Marketing Service, or have a chat about using social media to gain relevant leads for your business, the please do get in touch, we’d be happy to organise a quick chat to see if we can help.

May 4, 2017

Learn How A Local Beauty Salon Got 3 New Phone Calls A Day And Is Now Consistently Fully Booked

Local Salon Gets 3 New Phone Calls A Day After Appearing On First Page Of Google


A local beauty salon which was originally on the fourth page of Google used to rely on passing by trade and repeat customers to stay afloat. They had spare appointments daily, which they wanted to fill.

The Problem: Beauty By Liz is a local beauty salon based in Farnborough. The owner, Liz at Beauty By Liz was concerned because she couldn’t find their old website in the Google search results. She recognised that her customers couldn’t either. She was paying another company an ongoing monthly fee to have a website presence which wasn’t bringing in any new customers.

How we got started: Bibble Studio looked at the website and recognised that it was missing the vital elements it needed in order to be found. It wasn’t mobile responsive, therefore not resizing to fit mobile phones and the design looked dated, meaning if anyone did find it, it was likely to put her customers off. She also couldn’t log in and make changes herself.

Every time she wanted to update her monthly special offer page she had to pay a high fee for someone else to do it.

The Solution: Bibble Studio redesigned her website, making it more attractive, modern and built so that it fitted to whatever device her customers were using. We also ensured that the essential elements which were needed to ensure the website was found locally on Google were implemented so that upon launch she would start getting found immediately. We also created a user friendly system whereby she had a log in to make changes herself whenever she wanted to.

Result: Within 6 months of a new website launch by Bibble Studio, they featured on the first page of Google in two locations, and were receiving on average three new phone calls a day. They are now consistently fully booked, have more regular bookings and are considering opening up a second salon in a nearby town.

It’s impressive right? I am finding time and time again that business websites are missing the essential elements which ensure their website gets found on local Google search.

If your customers aren’t finding your website then I would like to invite you to take me up on my free website health check to see whether I can help you like I helped Beauty By Liz.

February 25, 2017

How To Use Social Media To Increase Your SEO For Your Beauty Business

So you may have heard that you’re meant to use social media for your beauty business, that it helps to increase brand recognition, get new customers and build loyalty with current clients, right?

But what if I were to tell you that it also helps you get higher up your search rankings in Google, would that make it even more worth your time to get started?
The recent addition of social media (in terms of technology and the web), has meant that the likes of search engines like Google, had held off for a while to integrate these online marketing tools into keyword search terms. Luckily, they have seen that social media is here to stay, and they have now started to include social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even bringing the likes of YouTube videos to the top of search when related to the keywords searched for.

What does this mean for you?

This means you need to take the time to look over your social media presence, profiles and videos, to ensure they are sharing all the keywords you want to be found for. For example, if you want to be found for eyebrow threading in Reading, make sure these are not only included in your website SEO, but also in your social media profiles, in the updates you share to places like Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as creating a video (or multiple videos!) that include those words too.
When it comes to your content, it’s all about remembering that marketing is a long process, so you need to give the time required to get yourself noticed, especially when you are competing in a busy space such as the beauty industry.
If you’d like a helping hand with your social media, to save you time and to get your beauty business found through social media itself, do get in touch. If you’d rather get some ideas first, then download our free guide which shares some amazing marketing tips to help you get your beauty business found.

October 12, 2016

4 Social Media Mistakes That Are Almost Criminal

Social media marketing is one of those extra ‘things’ you’re told to have. Not everyone understands it and not everyone has adopted it yet. The ones who haven’t adopted it yet are missing out on the faster growth rates which social media has to offer.

Today your clients are spending more online and more time hanging out on their social media platforms.  It is important that your business is on social media so that your clients and prospecting clients can connect with you.  Unfortunately yes… this also includes maintaining your social media presence and giving your business the best impression it can to new clients.

However, not every business who is on social media is getting the promised results that they seek out to get. Sometimes what they are doing, or not doing on social media giving them the opposite.

Avoid these social media mistakes like the plague:

No Marketing Plan

Before jumping into social media, you must have a solid plan in place. The plan should build your social media presence and not diminish it. You must be able to determine what your strategies are and what to do about it in order to achieve your business goals. Your goal is to always be visible and maintain that social media presence. Time investment is essential, and if you can’t do it alone, ask Bibble Studio to help you.

No Consistent Brand

Having multiple profiles with different profile pictures, banners, colours etc isn’t great. Keep your brand consistent across every all marketing channels. Your logo, colours and fonts are some of the essential things in keeping your brand consistent and ensuring people it’s your business. Also, values, visions and missions of your business (if you have one) should always be the same. Brand recognition should never be ignored.

No Ideal Target

Know your target audience. You should fully understand who you want to attract on social media. Your followers need to feel like you’re speaking to them. Having no real followers would just weaken your business and your social media presence. When you have a strong following who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, you will build a relationship with them and over time they buy from you over and over again.

Lack of interaction

People followed you for a reason. Lack of interaction with your followers would decrease your social media presence. If you lose your followers because you don’t provide them with the information they need, there’s a possibility you will lose them.

These are just some of the mistakes made on social media that can kill your business. Avoid these mistakes and see your social media presence to grow over time.


October 3, 2016

Selling The Salon Experience – The Right Way

The goal in a beauty business is to sell an “experience”.

The moment a client enters a salon is where the salon experience begins. The goal is to let every client feel that they are important from the moment they walk inside the salon, and finally when they leave, they feel beautiful. The feeling of the client when they leave is the same reason why they come back for more. You have to keep the salon experience fresh and fun.

If you are in the beauty industry, your goal is to make a client satisfied every single time. The key to keeping your clients satisfied is to let them enjoy some extra touches you provide. Offer them something they will not find anywhere else.

As beauty professionals, being hospitable to your clients is a priority. Your attitude towards your client will have a great impact on the experience you are trying to sell. That first greeting is an important element in the process. Simple gestures like eye contact, shaking their hands, introducing yourself and of course, smiling. You know what they say…

When you smile, you never know how much difference you could be making to their life at that very moment.

The design of the interior of your salon leave an impression of what the client should expect. The look of your business defines you, choose decor and products that can express your brand in a special way which is unique to you. If your salon looks cheap then don’t be surprised if people don’t want to pay the prices you charge.

Put yourself into your client’s shoes. Focus on the experience you offer to your clients. Then the referrals just keep on coming on your doorstep. If your main audience is women, then as you well know women like to talk and gossip. I remember a salon experience where they gave me a proper cappuccino and a nice Italian biscuit. I always remember it because I enjoyed the coffee and the biscuit. I’d never experience that before from another salon before.

You can always turn first time clients into your loyal customers. Right from the start, build trust. Discuss and determine their style needs and maintenance. Let them feel you are committed and focused on helping them on their needs. It is very important that at the beginning, you have to focus on earning their trust.

Always focus on your client. Make them your priority. The little things you do for them creates big impact. It’s not always about looking for more new clients, it’s looking after what you already have. It’s taking care of your business and your clients. In the beauty industry, the key to success is making your clients look and feel beautiful. Once you’ve made them feel that way, you’re trusted and you’re successful.


September 21, 2016

6 Easy Ways To Attract New Patients To Your Dentistry Practice

In today’s competitive world, getting new patients can be hard and you may begin to feel discouraged. In order to attract new patients, you have to offer products and services that are competitive but also are of high quality value. Effective marketing is very important and deciding early on what kind of client you want to attract to your practise and then focussing your marketing efforts around attracting them will ensure future success and being able to charge what you desire, not be the ‘cheapest’ dentist in town.

In order to create a marketing strategy which works you need to think of the following things:

Know your target market

Before doing any marketing strategies, know who your target audience is. Understanding your target patients helps you determine what services and products you will be providing them with and how to best target them. 

Focus on your strategies

Track your marketing strategies and plans and see which works best. Focus on the ones you think can benefit both  you and your patients. Educate your patients about what you can offer to them. Your goal is to provide quality service and care to your patients that they will be satisfied. Word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing. Your patients can help you market your practice better. However if you don’t have any patients as of yet then focus on getting your practise found and seen by your target audience.

Get out and go networking

Go to local business networking events. This is based on word of mouth referring, luckily for you everyone has teeth therefore you’re likely to pick up new patients at the events. When they experience your service they will start to recommend their friends. Be visible, real and friendly! Remember that you need to put in the time and commitment to get something back.

Be Number 1!

Be online and be number 1! 83% of people now use Google as their first point of search when looking for a service. get some local SEO and a decent website.  Local SEO can give any website the boost it needs in order to be found through local Google search.

 Be Competitive

You have to know your competition. You have to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that not only is your practise different from your competitors but so is the design of your website and what you say on your website. It doesn’t cost a lot to be different but can cost a lot more being the same when people can’t see how you’re different from the dentist which is cheaper down the road.

Get Reviews

Get as many reviews as you can online. Ask your patients to leave you a testimonial on your Google Business Page and your Facebook Business Page. In today’s world, social media is a big part of our daily lives. Patients now check websites, social media accounts and look for good reviews and whether or not the company is interacting with their customers online. People trust what other patients say more than what the business says. Encourage your patients to provide reviews. Reviews builds trust, thus it adds value to your business.

Stay focussed on your goals and give the best service. Treat your patients with real care and love and you will be guaranteed to attract more patients in your years to come.


June 13, 2016

Boosting local website hits to your massage website

As a massage therapy business, you will be hoping to have local customers finding your website, so they can easily book their all-important massage sessions with you, but what are the strategies you can implement to help you get more local visits?

It can be tough getting started with your own SEO and website, so in this blog, we wanted to share some easy to implement tips and tricks that will help you increase your local customers for your massage therapy business.

Do some research

Here at Bibble, we love using the Google Keyword Planner tool. It quickly and helpfully shares keyword ideas in relation to your business type, location and industry. It also then shows you what it calls “competition” if it is high, medium or low – this means the amount of other websites using these keywords, ultimately making it harder for your website to get to the top when that word is used in your own website.

It also shares the amount of searches per month made in Google, helping you to see how many potential people that could find your website, if you include the keyword in your website.

To help you get noticed for those keywords, we highly suggest writing blogs that include them, as well as adding them to your metatags, page wording and headers, if you can.

Make sure to mention your location

Silly though it may sound, many local businesses forget to share their location within their website. Using the location words in several pages will help to ensure when people are searching “nearby”, your website will come up near the top.

Create a Google business page

Google always shows up local businesses that have already created a location-business within their Google+ platform. If you’ve not already created your own Google+ location page, we highly recommend you get going right now. Here are tips from Google to help get you going.

There are plenty of other strategies for your massage business to get more visits from local search users, but these are the three we highly recommend to get you started. If you have any questions, or would like some more in-depth support, please do email Carina, and she’d be happy to help.

We’ve also created a handy free report, sharing 27 promotional tips for your health & beauty business, to help you get your business found locally. Click here to get yours now.

How to get more customers

April 2, 2016

How To Market Your Yoga Business [Infographic]



March 14, 2016

How can I make my hair salon website get more customers through the door?

This is a question I get regularly from my clients; websites they use often aren’t converting visitors into customers through the door.

As you probably already know, you have some competition out there. The big name brands use their websites to not only entice new clients, but to bring back old ones, as well as help them locate and book an appointment. So how can you make sure clients come to you, instead of these bigger businesses?

It can mainly start with your website (then also your SEO, which I’ll be covering in a future post, so subscribe to make sure you get that one!), it needs to be a place that helps to keep visitors on your website, then ultimately book an appointment. That’s what you truly want, right? Customers coming through your hair salon’s doors and getting the experience you provide for clients.

So, where do you start?

Take a look at your website – think of it as a first time customer, then ask yourself a few questions:

Does the website make sense? If someone came to your website after searching particular words, like “Hair Salon” have you made it clear that you offer this service? You may offer more than hair services, but you need to make sure people know what you have to offer them, their attention span will be under 7 seconds, so you need to pull them in straight away!

Does the website look good?

Your hair salon’s website needs to look enticing. Take a look at your competition – what stands out from their websites that you could replicate on your own, while still sharing your own brand personality and message? Using a great web designer will help you to achieve this, so don’t feel worried, ask your designer to take a look and share their thoughts on the design side.
Can customers easily book? People want ease of use. They have probably landed on your website because they are looking for local hair dressers to get their hair done. This means they’ll want easy access to a telephone number or online booking system so they can book straight away. There are plenty of ways to add this functionality to your website, but you need to make sure it syncs with your in-salon calendar, so there’s no double-booking!
Are there any examples of before and afters? People like to know they are in safe hands when booking such an important date in their diary. A great hair cut can change how someone feels, so you’ll want to show on your website that you take care of your customers, and that they don’t need to be any less than excited to be coming to your salon! Take professional shots, and if you get the chance, join sites like Instagram, so your in-house hair dressers can take pictures of clients, and add to your reputation!
These are just 4 questions to ask yourself, to help you see if your website for your hair salon can do better to stand out from the crowd, while still attracting clients to your salon.

After this part of the process, you then can look into how to bring them back to you, as a returning customer. Take a look at places like Headmasters, who have the VIP club, which offers a free membership card, with special discounts, and a regular email, which shares special offers via email. These are great ways to remind customers that you are there, and what a great experience they had with you, so as to book their next appointment with you!

Even adding the ability to take an email address and tick a “subscribe for offers” box, will help you to start to build a rapport with people who visit your website, and bring them through the door.

I hope these tips have helped you with a few ideas for how to get your website turning visitors into customers, do let me know if you have any questions or ideas in the comments below, I’m more than happy to help!


March 10, 2016

How to get more customers for my health and beauty business – target your promotions

People have a limited attention span, and this means you need to grab their attention quickly, and entice them to read more or book a session with you, within a limited amount of time. Ensuring that your promotions are highly targeted, will not only help you gain more customers, it will help you have a customer base of people you love working with.
Let’s take a personal trainer, for example, that wants to boost attendance at their boot camp which runs on a Saturday morning. Currently, the returning attendees tend to be women, who are in professional jobs, and have 1-3 children, they get the chance to get to boot camp early in the morning while the kids wake up to their morning cartoons. This means, the person who runs the boot camp, can create campaigns and marketing to attract more of these customers. Take a look at what they want to achieve from the boot camp – perhaps it’s for people who want to work out early in the morning, or perhaps they want to smash fat in a high intensity, yet fun workout?
Asking your customers what and why they chose your business for their custom, is a great way to help improve your targeting. Find out why they return to your business, and ask them the top 3 factors – you can then use these in your promotions. For example, a person may return to your beauty salon because the people are caring, they get treatments that feel luxurious and you offer a fantastic service. Ensure to use these 3 key factors on your website. You can also ask them for their favourite treatments, or if they would like to see more of a specific offering in your salon. This will help you to attract more customers like them.
As a business that works in the health and beauty industry, your marketing is key to gaining new and returning customers, so you need to tailor your messages to resonate with your perfect clients. Take a few hours later today to really hone-in on who you really want to have coming to you.
You can create 3 profiles, which are 3 different people you would want to come along to your business, here’s what you’d need to include to create a profile:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Profession / industry they work in
  • Personality
  • What do they like and dislike?

What is their purchasing process – would they use Google search to find you, or do they use word of mouth, perhaps social media?

Once you have these written down, it will be a lot more simple for your marketing efforts, and for your SEO, to create a website that will attract the right people to you. You don’t need to be bogged down by the profiles, but they will really help you to understand how to target your promotions and create new services around their needs.
If you need a helping hand with more ways to market your health and beauty business, I’ve created a handy guide which is free to download here. It has 27 promotional tips to help you get more customers.