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May 4, 2017

Learn How A Local Beauty Salon Got 3 New Phone Calls A Day And Is Now Consistently Fully Booked

Local Salon Gets 3 New Phone Calls A Day After Appearing On First Page Of Google


A local beauty salon which was originally on the fourth page of Google used to rely on passing by trade and repeat customers to stay afloat. They had spare appointments daily, which they wanted to fill.

The Problem: Beauty By Liz is a local beauty salon based in Farnborough. The owner, Liz at Beauty By Liz was concerned because she couldn’t find their old website in the Google search results. She recognised that her customers couldn’t either. She was paying another company an ongoing monthly fee to have a website presence which wasn’t bringing in any new customers.

How we got started: Bibble Studio looked at the website and recognised that it was missing the vital elements it needed in order to be found. It wasn’t mobile responsive, therefore not resizing to fit mobile phones and the design looked dated, meaning if anyone did find it, it was likely to put her customers off. She also couldn’t log in and make changes herself.

Every time she wanted to update her monthly special offer page she had to pay a high fee for someone else to do it.

The Solution: Bibble Studio redesigned her website, making it more attractive, modern and built so that it fitted to whatever device her customers were using. We also ensured that the essential elements which were needed to ensure the website was found locally on Google were implemented so that upon launch she would start getting found immediately. We also created a user friendly system whereby she had a log in to make changes herself whenever she wanted to.

Result: Within 6 months of a new website launch by Bibble Studio, they featured on the first page of Google in two locations, and were receiving on average three new phone calls a day. They are now consistently fully booked, have more regular bookings and are considering opening up a second salon in a nearby town.

It’s impressive right? I am finding time and time again that business websites are missing the essential elements which ensure their website gets found on local Google search.

If your customers aren’t finding your website then I would like to invite you to take me up on my free website health check to see whether I can help you like I helped Beauty By Liz.

February 25, 2017

How To Use Social Media To Increase Your SEO For Your Beauty Business

So you may have heard that you’re meant to use social media for your beauty business, that it helps to increase brand recognition, get new customers and build loyalty with current clients, right?

But what if I were to tell you that it also helps you get higher up your search rankings in Google, would that make it even more worth your time to get started?
The recent addition of social media (in terms of technology and the web), has meant that the likes of search engines like Google, had held off for a while to integrate these online marketing tools into keyword search terms. Luckily, they have seen that social media is here to stay, and they have now started to include social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even bringing the likes of YouTube videos to the top of search when related to the keywords searched for.

What does this mean for you?

This means you need to take the time to look over your social media presence, profiles and videos, to ensure they are sharing all the keywords you want to be found for. For example, if you want to be found for eyebrow threading in Reading, make sure these are not only included in your website SEO, but also in your social media profiles, in the updates you share to places like Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as creating a video (or multiple videos!) that include those words too.
When it comes to your content, it’s all about remembering that marketing is a long process, so you need to give the time required to get yourself noticed, especially when you are competing in a busy space such as the beauty industry.
If you’d like a helping hand with your social media, to save you time and to get your beauty business found through social media itself, do get in touch. If you’d rather get some ideas first, then download our free guide which shares some amazing marketing tips to help you get your beauty business found.

October 3, 2016

Selling The Salon Experience – The Right Way

The goal in a beauty business is to sell an “experience”.

The moment a client enters a salon is where the salon experience begins. The goal is to let every client feel that they are important from the moment they walk inside the salon, and finally when they leave, they feel beautiful. The feeling of the client when they leave is the same reason why they come back for more. You have to keep the salon experience fresh and fun.

If you are in the beauty industry, your goal is to make a client satisfied every single time. The key to keeping your clients satisfied is to let them enjoy some extra touches you provide. Offer them something they will not find anywhere else.

As beauty professionals, being hospitable to your clients is a priority. Your attitude towards your client will have a great impact on the experience you are trying to sell. That first greeting is an important element in the process. Simple gestures like eye contact, shaking their hands, introducing yourself and of course, smiling. You know what they say…

When you smile, you never know how much difference you could be making to their life at that very moment.

The design of the interior of your salon leave an impression of what the client should expect. The look of your business defines you, choose decor and products that can express your brand in a special way which is unique to you. If your salon looks cheap then don’t be surprised if people don’t want to pay the prices you charge.

Put yourself into your client’s shoes. Focus on the experience you offer to your clients. Then the referrals just keep on coming on your doorstep. If your main audience is women, then as you well know women like to talk and gossip. I remember a salon experience where they gave me a proper cappuccino and a nice Italian biscuit. I always remember it because I enjoyed the coffee and the biscuit. I’d never experience that before from another salon before.

You can always turn first time clients into your loyal customers. Right from the start, build trust. Discuss and determine their style needs and maintenance. Let them feel you are committed and focused on helping them on their needs. It is very important that at the beginning, you have to focus on earning their trust.

Always focus on your client. Make them your priority. The little things you do for them creates big impact. It’s not always about looking for more new clients, it’s looking after what you already have. It’s taking care of your business and your clients. In the beauty industry, the key to success is making your clients look and feel beautiful. Once you’ve made them feel that way, you’re trusted and you’re successful.


January 13, 2016

4 Ways To Market Your Hair Salon [Infographic]

4 ways to market your Hair Salon

4 Ways To Market Your Hair Salon by Bibble Studio

January 11, 2016

How to: Salon marketing to new customers – part two, Website Usability

Last week, we focused on your why and how important your brand message is to marketing your beauty salon. I hope this was a useful blog, and here, we are going to look into the usability of your website, as, thanks to the accessibility of internet on the go, many more people are buying and booking via their mobile technology.

When a customer finds your website, you need to see how easy it is for them to find a product or service, and buy it. As a salon owner, you probably want people to book a service in your salon, whether it’s a haircut, manicure, a facial or a wax, they need to find what they are searching for, easily, and be able to book themselves into the treatment quickly and without hassle.

There are several ways to do this:

Have an easy to use booking app directly on your website, that is set up to sync with your calendar. This is so customers can book themselves into the treatment they want, know when you are free, and you will know as soon as a booking is made. There are lots of options out there, and if you want some suggestions, give me a call, I’d love to help.
Make sure your telephone number is easy to see! You can even make it a link, so as soon as a mobile user touches the telephone number, they are sent to their telephone option in their phone, so they don’t have to do the fiddly “zoom in and copy and paste” malarkey!

Share your treatments in the right places. So often, clients who come to me about a new website, have had issues with their previous website not converting viewers into customers, and I can see straight away that their treatments are hard to find and aren’t sectioned into the right groups. For example, you should section your treatments pages into hair care, pampering, skin care, nails etc, so that your visitors, who probably already have an idea of what they want to book, can easily get there. Then ensure the booking and call features are on these pages!

These are just a few ideas to get you going with making your website user-friendly. I hope these were useful, and ask any questions in the comments section below! I’m more than happy to help!


January 5, 2016

How Salons Can Use Online Marketing to increase their client base

Owning your own salon must be a truly rewarding experience. An industry where you’re making customers feel good about themselves on a daily basis- get that right and you’ll get repeat customers. However like any business, you have other local competition and you need to keep attracting new clients if you want your business to grow and expand. Gone are the days where people go to their Yellow Pages book and flick through it. 80% of people are turning to Google as their first point of search for a service. I have a client who recently told me that after redoing her salon website and salon SEO, on average she gets 3 new phone calls daily and is completely fully booked, a year on from doing her website. She no longer does special offers, because she doesn’t want to offer treatments at a low cost.

Ensure your website is optimised for local search from Google

You may have heard your web designer or someone else mention the term SEO or search engine optimisation. However you may not fully understand what it is or how it can impact the success of your salon. If you’re unsure, then you should read this post here.

Encourage your customers to write reviews about you online

Online review sites such as Google, Trip Advisor, Yell and Facebook (on the Facebook business page) have become a key part of any online marketing plan for salons. People often use these sites to compare local salons. Online reviews have become the online word of mouth, so by offering your loyal customers a small discount or free gift for writing a review about their experience will attract more new customers. If there is anything particularly unique about your salon, ask them to point it out in the reviews, whether it’s a special payment plan or after-hours treatments, these things could encourage customers who have consistent problems with other salons not catering for their needs. It will also help with your SEO if they use Google reviews.

You may well receive a negative review at some point, however don’t panic about it! It happens to most businesses! The best way to deal with it is to read through the comments, take the criticism on board, rectify the problems and respond to the complaints if you can. By responding in a polite and apologetic manner shows others that you’re considerate and serious about the happiness of your customers, and encourage potential customers to give you a try.

Get a social media presence

When thinking about your average customers, ask yourself where do they hang out online? Social media is all the rage now. The majority of people have a social media account and are active on there. Whether you decide to just have a simple Facebook page or a presence on every network going, you can use social media to communicate directly with both current and potential customers.

Here are a few ideas to help gain followers and increase engagement on your accounts:

Ask questions on Facebook, such as: What is your favourite beauty/hair treatment?
On Twitter, tweet out links to pages on your site that explain unexpected benefits of your treatments. E.g The reduction in stress through the use of regular massage. Ask people to retweet it for you too.
Pin photos of exotic locales that offer massage therapy on Pinterest
Join in or start discussions on Facebook & LinkedIn groups. It could be something like : What is your favourite thing to do to destress?
Post photos of after hours group bookings in your salon on Instagram
Put a video on YouTube with quick tips on getting the perfect shiny hair this summer

The key to successful posting on social media is portraying your business’s personality and convey the passion you have for hair cuts, massage therapy, nail design etc. This will help bring in new customers who appreciate your dedication.

Social media is also a great way to let your customers know what special offers you have and drive them to sign up for them on your website and grow your email list. Learn why building your email list is so important here.

If you’re looking for more ways to grow your salon business, be sure to download my free guide.




January 4, 2016

How to: Salon marketing to new customers – Part One, getting to know your brand

Your salon is an excellent place, you know that, your current and loyal customers know that, but how can you share that with new potential clients? Salon marketing can be a tough world – you have quite a few big and local competitors, so you need to be able to entice those clients that may be attracted to your competition. There are a few ways I find work best for our clients, mainly on the side of their website.

But first, you need to look into your “why”. Here’s an excellent video on the subject:

But, in short, as I know you don’t have time on your side at this time of year, it covers the thought process of your “why”. Why did you start your beauty or hair salon business? Why do people love your salon and your team? Why is such a key question to so many parts of your business, and when you know how to answer some of these whys, you’ll be able to convey this message to potential customers, who will fall in love with your brand, salon and you.

So, how can you share your why with people who visit your website?

Firstly, the wording on your site needs to share your message and your personality. Perhaps you exude luxury, so the colours, design and wording need to feel special and luxurious. Maybe you are all about fun and excitement, so this will be a completely different design and message. Think about how you want people to feel as soon as they have found your website, your marketing material and visit your salon. Ensure your team understand your branding and why you decided to create such a fantastic salon for customers to visit and feel special in.

Now onto your branding – how can you brand your business and make it stand out?

When marketing your hair or beauty salon, whether online, in social media, on your website, through flyers and in networking with your business cards, they all need to sing from the same hymn sheet. Does your logo and colour scheme share a similar message to the one you want your clients to feel? Perhaps your strapline needs a little tweaking? Take a closer look into the experience people will have when they see your marketing and ask yourself – do they get it? Will they be enticed to book with you, and why?
Then ask yourself what makes you stand out from your competition, and then share it! Perhaps your local team of expert beauticians are all qualified, maybe you have exclusive products or services that other local beauty salons don’t have. You need to shout about what helps you to stand out from the crowd, and find your niche market of people who will want to use these products and services you provide.

I hope this isn’t too much of a project for you this week, have fun, and ask any questions in the comments section! Next week we’ll be looking into part two – a deeper look into your website usability.

Be sure to download my FREE guide on how to get more customers


January 4, 2016

What is local SEO and how can you use it for your business?

The wonders of SEO can amaze and confuse many – don’t worry! I am here to help you understand and learn how to utilise your website to get local traffic (and customers) to your business.

What is Local SEO?

Business2Community.com explains local SEO as:

“Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that you can gain higher local search rankings. Over a third of all searches in 2014 will be local and when you include nongeo-targeted keywords that trigger local results, the number nears 50%!”

Ok, so, that wasn’t desperately helpful, but the numbers are not to be missed. Basically, local SEO is when someone searches for a business, product, or service in their local area. For example: “Makeup artist Reading” or “facials in Caversham”. More and more people, especially those of us who want to buy local and not have to travel too far to have a beauty treatment, are utilising the search feature on Google to find businesses local to them.

One way to make sure you turn up in these results, which are probably now over the 50% in 2014, is to make sure you have created a Google Location page. Google explains how to do it, a lot better than I do, so once you’ve read through this blog, I highly suggest going here, to set up your location pages (you can make over 10, so if you own several businesses in different locations, you can make sure they all pop up!).
Another way to make sure you are found when a local search is made, is through keywords and meta tags in your website. These are the words you use in your titles, your pages and in your blogs, to make sure Google knows what your website is about. In your website, you should be including your location and where people can find you. However, you can also add metatags into the background of your website so that “crawlers” (Google’s word for the robots that search the internet for new websites, content and where to put your website when a person searches specific words / phrases) know what your website is all about.
When I work with a new client for their website or SEO review, I use a great tool to help us figure out the most searched for terms in their industry and location. Then we add these to their website so that they are found for keywords people actually search for. Many people think their customers use certain keywords, so are surprised when they find out that those terms may not be searched for as much as others.
SEO is a fantastic tool, when used well. Local SEO is even better for converting visitors to your website into customers who visit your business, so make sure you mention your location and areas that are close-by, so that when people use Google and other search engines, they will find and book with you!

If you have any questions about local SEO or how to use it on your website, please ask any questions below. I also have a FREE report which you can download here, which shares 27 promotional tips to help you get more customers.


January 4, 2016

How to get your salon website to entice more customers to you

Is your salon website scaring away customers?

As a beauty salon or hair salon owner, your business is all about the look. So when it comes to your website, the way you portray yourself and your business online will directly impact the amount of customers coming through your door. So how can you make sure your website is enticing people to book with you, and not your local competitor?
There are a few simple ways to make sure your website entices your ideal customer who will to stay, book with you and ultimately stay with you for life, here are a few of my favourites:

Make sure you reflect your own brand

If you offer a luxurious service, for example, then you’ll want to make sure people get that impression as soon as they visit your website to check you out. Using the right colours, and images is a great first impression for website visitors. You also want to ensure that the font you chose isn’t a generic ‘Microsoft Word Times New Roman’ style font if you’re looking to come across as professional and sophisticated. By nature our brains make a judgement within 15 seconds, the better impression you can give, the more likely your website visitor will stay on your site, rather than drifting back to Google search.

If you want to promote specific therapies, services or promotions, these need to be right in the forefront of your website, making it obvious to your potential clientele that these are the services they should book with you.

Make it easy to get in touch and book with you!

Too often have salon’s websites been a nightmare to navigate for the customer. So much so, that they then head off to another website and book with someone else. By not having a mobile friendly website (a website which automatically resizes to fit the screen of the device your customer is using) you’re making it hard for mobile users to navigate round your website and get in contact with you when on their phone or tablet. Mobiles and tablets are here to stay and the amount of people using them to view websites online is on the rise (currently 25%).
There are loads of ways to help create a website for your beauty salon that will get people booking. I personally like having a telephone number prominent on every page, so I can call them and book, without having to search for it. Now we live in an online world, there are many more customers who just want to be able to book a time that suits them, with a service they want, right there and then, on the beauty salon’s website. So, having a booking service on your website can be another great way to keep people from leaving your website and heading to the competition! The only issue here is that you must ensure your calendars sync easily, there are great tools for this, which I’d be happy to go over with you.

The difference between a salon’s website and any old website is that you have people coming to you who want to feel good. Whether it’s for a spray tan, a massage, a manicure or a haircut, they want to feel good and book in quickly. Your website can be the perfect offering to making sure your visitors to your website, become visitors to your salon, and then returning customers!

If you are looking to make your website work more for you, I’d love to invite you to download my free guide: How to Get More Customers for your health & beauty website, just click here.