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Nowadays everyone is constantly looking at their phone. I can help your business get in front of them on their phone.

When people decide they need a product or service about 90% will head straight to the search engines as their point of call, if you don’t have a website and/or if your business is not appearing high in the search results then you’re instantly missing out on this foot fall.

I can help you be that business that they see first in the search engines.

If you want to win the online marketing game then you need to ensure you have a few steps put in place so that you can generate consistent and predictable revenue.

The steps I follow that help my clients win the online marketing games are:

Step 1: Knowing your ideal customer and only speaking to them through all your marketing channels
Step2:  Being able to solve your ideal customers’ number one pain point right now through your website and online marketing
Step 3: Ensuring you have a high converting website 
Step 4: Having an automatic email follow up system in place when people enter their details on your website (naturally some will be ready to buy right now, where as others need more time to get to know, like and trust you. The follow ups help guide them through the process, build rapport, establish credability so they feel more ready to go ahead).
Step 5: Having reliable traffic sources set up – Ensuring your website is optimised properly so people find it through the search engines and pushing traffic to your website through social media marketing 
Step 6: Rinse and repeat and scale your business

Online marketing services cover local SEO packages, Email marketing, Facebook marketing, social media management, PPC advertising.

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Google processes 40,000 searches per second. It’s highly likely that within that 40,000 your product or service is being searched for in your area.

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