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Get more exposure, leads and sales everyday on social media

Bibble Studio help businesses create an automated programme which increase business exposure, attracts leads and sales everyday using social media. The problem lots of business owners have is that they don’t have the time to spend on their marketing, they wonder why they struggle to get leads, and can often feel overwhelmed and stressed when they aren’t consistently getting the leads in.

The automated program works by targeting your target audience using highly targeted messages, and other methods to get their attention.  Bibble Studio aims to save you time, and get leads and sales in on autopilot.

Look at what you do on social media:

  1. Do you manually follow Twitter users?
  2. Do you connect with people on LinkedIn one by one?
  3. Do you follow boards on Pinterest?
  4. Do you send friend requests on Facebook to gain exposure?
  5. Do you manually send direct messages to people on social media?
  6. Do you manually find groups to join and post in?

This is all very time consuming and not productive when it can be done automatically.

Do you waste time on manual social media tasks? Would you like your message to be seen by more people? Sales is a numbers game. The more people that see your message the more leads and sales you get.

Finally, do you even know what you’re doing on social media?

How it all works

How to Sell On LinkedIn

How to sell on Twitter

How to sell on Facebook

How to Sell On Pinterest

How to sell on Google Plus

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