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Social Media

Get seen by more of your target customers, get more leads and more sales on autopilot from social media

Bibble Studio help businesses create an automated social media campaign which increase business exposure, attracts leads and sales everyday on autopilot using social media. The problem lots of business owners have is that they don’t have the time to spend on their marketing, they wonder why they struggle to get leads, and can often feel overwhelmed and stressed when they aren’t consistently getting the leads in.

Facebook alone has more than 2 billion monthly active users as of June 2017, so if you think that your business doesn’t need social media marketing – think again. Bibble Studio build social media campaigns that focus on targeting your target audience, connecting with them, building up your brand credibility and sending out a series of highly targeted personal messages to get in front of them in the best way possible. Bibble Studio will save you time, take all the guess work out and get you more leads and sales from social media.

Improve your SEO

Not only does social media marketing increase the number of visitors to your website, but it also improves your Google position. The more shares you get on social media, the higher your search ranking will be, this is because Google now reads social signals from social media as well as search engine signals.

Simple Social Media Package Options

Start generating new customers

Send a series of automated messages to your target audience,
Grow your following
Grow your mailing list
Get seen online

Create engaging content

 Content creation only – engage with your existing audience
Attracts new customers and adds value to existing customers, builds the relationship online
3-4 posts daily across 3 social media channels

Sit back and let Bibble Studio handle the rest

For businesses who don’t have time to manage their social media, or completely unsure what they should be doing, what they should be posting to engage with their audience.
Strong focus on growing your followings, building an online relationship with them over time positioning your brand as a brand leader and someone who should be listened to and engaged with.
Includes a combination of both of the other packages

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